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Links to some of my favorite places

Health Physics Page: Career Path
Extras Page: Come see my surplus stuff
More Extras: More surplus
My Mego Collection: Come and take a look!!!
Megos!!: Picture of a rare Red-haired Dracula and others
Megos!!: Planet of the Apes
Mego Pictures: My collection and custom Lodge
Mego Pictures: My extras and a custom camper
Mego Trek: My custom Kirk & Spock w/custom vehicle
Mego: More Extra Megos
Mego: Misc Megos..Updated Oddities
Mego Parts and Extras: More extra and unusual stuff
Mego Chip's Figures: Pictures from my collection
Mego Duke's Figures: Pictures from my collection
Mego Pictures: Mego Pirates
Mego Pictures: Posts to the Mego Mailing List
Mego Pictures: Custom Megos
Mego Pictures: Wizard of Oz Megos
Mego Pictures: Starsky and Hutch Megos
Mego Pictures: Star Trek Mego Aliens
Rare Megos: Pictures of Rare Megos and Variants
My FAVORITE Megos: From My Collection


In the following pages you will see some of my Mego collection along with my other collecting love Star Trek. I hope you will enjoy your stay and come back often as the page will be updated as I get new stuff in. I am always ready to hear from collectors who share my love for these figures and accessories. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Mego collectors have visited this shrine times.
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